Santa Cruz Reskilling Expo

Event Schedule – October 6, 2013

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Understanding Money and the Banking System: Marco Vangelisti Money and Banking ­‐ Community Response: Marco Vangelisti The Financial System ­‐ Investment for Resilience: Marco Vangelisti More Than Honey: a new documentary by Swiss filmmaker Markus Imhoof
Boundaries – How To Respect Yours and Others: Armando Alcaraz
Making Soap: Susan Cook Intentional Communities – How To Form Them: Randa Johnson Tinctures: How To Make Them: Catharine Gunderson
Boardroom Solar for the Home-­‐ How To Make It Work: David Stearns, Ron Pomerantz Electric Vehicles: Will Beckett Seed Saving -­‐ How to Harvest and Store: Aaron Dinwoodie Graywater and Rainwater: LeAnne Ravinale
Small Space Gardening: Cheri Callis Water Testing the San Lorenzo River: Debie Chirco-­‐ Macdonald Moving Beyond Capitalism: Marco Vangelisti
Flower Essence Remedies - How To:
Jeannine Bonstrelle
Cottage Food Practices: Carin Fortin Bee-­‐Friendly Beekeeping – How To Please The Bees: Bodo Langen Reclaiming Personal Sustainable Health: Malena Hasbun
Worm Bins and Vermiculture: Otis Johnson Bird Language: William Mutch Solar Cooking: John Sears Knots for Fun and Function: Jeffrey Smedberg
Patio Medicine of Local Herbs: Jennifer Grady Community & Conversation -­‐ How To Create Social Ties: Cecile Andrews Garden Design 101 - How to Lose Your Lawn:
Andrea Doonan
Hoop Houses - How to Make and Use Them:
Cristina McCutcheon
Resilient Gardening: Delmar McComb Sewing and Mending – How To Do Your Own: Sara Broderick Tool Care - How to Maintain: Bob Dunn
Home Orchards: Monica Larenas